Milk Vat Monitoring Made Easy

DTS Vat-Man gives you real time information about your milk vat, so you know what is happening in the vat, no matter where you are.

Affordable, easy to install and simple to operate, Vat-Man can be incorporated into any current vat and cooling system.

DTS Vat-Man is an approved milk vat monitoring solution in Fonterra’s Milk Vat Monitoring Project, which means it's supplied at no extra cost for Fonterra farmers.

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Dairy Automation Made Easy

We offer a wide and flexible range of in-shed Dairy Automation Solutions tailored to your farming style, herd size and budget that make drafting animals and data capture easy.

Coupled with our reliable, intuitive cloud based Herd Management software Herd-Man (formerly known as MiHub), you can easily view, analyse and share valuable information for your farming operation.


Milk Vats and Tanks. Protect Your Production.

For the best system performance invest wisely with a DTS Milk Vat. Choose from new and quality second-hand direct-expansion stainless steel milk vats in a wide range of sizes.

Our milk vats range from modest 2,300 litre tanks through to a mighty 29,000 litre tank. Every vat is manufactured to the highest quality under strict control standards.

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Milk Cooling Made Easy

Our milk cooling and tank solutions help you avoid the potentially costly consequences of milk temperatures being too high.

Whether you’re dealing with strict milk cooling regulations, increasing milk volumes, power constraints or water restrictions, our experienced team of on-farm, milk cooling experts will only recommend products and services that you actually need. 

Our cooling solutions are:

ProCool Water

ProCool Glycol

ProCool Ice

Milk Refrigeration Units

Polar Wrap Vat Insulation