Peace of mind for New Zealand Farmers - Automatic refrigeration and automated alerts to your smartphone

Never forget to turn on your refrigeration again. In fact, with Vat Manager Auto, the latest technology from DTS, you will never need to remember! 

We are all striving for good business and environmental practices. And milk down the drain or sold for stock feed from a moment’s forgetfulness is money down the drain as well as an unnecessary blight to our reputation as good custodians of the land.

Vat Manager Auto is the only product on the market that can turn on both your base and side wall refrigeration by accurately detecting the level of milk in the vat. Competitors, even the most popular names, only offer a monitoring solution.

This clever technology, with MPI’s NZCP1 approval for its level sensor hot off the press, measures pressure change in the vat and signals the refrigeration to turn on. It also lets you know when the vat is at capacity.

Why pressure detection? Our research and development team has worked alongside farmers to work out and fine tune the most reliable automation technology. We’ve tested pressure and laser detectors thoroughly. It’s taken us a good part of the last few years because automation is nothing if it’s not reliable. Pressure activation was a clear winner, providing the most accurate readings in all circumstances. Lasers on the other hand don’t cope with steamy environments of washing procedures and can end up giving a false reading if a hot wash is carried out prior to milking.

One of our favourite features of Vat Manager Auto and Vat Manager Plus is the easy-read display face. Both models have a large display screen which can be read at a distance, an advantage if you are riding or driving by and need a reassuring glance. Even some high spec smartphones can be difficult to read in bright sunlight, but with our backlit technology, Vat Manager Auto and Vat Manager Plus screens are clear and bold in low light or extreme brightness.

You don’t need a smartphone or any other digital device. Your vat milk temperature is displayed in real time, large and clear, and is easily seen at the shed. 

Both the Vat Manager Auto and the Vat Manager Plus control vat refrigeration and agitation while monitoring incoming milk and vat milk temperatures. If there are any issues, both models can notify staff and owners with automated alerts. Milk cooling alerts can be sent to several mobile numbers at once via 3G text messaging and via email to let everyone know what’s happening. From milk which is too hot, too cold or slow to cool, as well as to wash, power and hardware fault notifications. (See the list of alerts below).

Audit requirements are sorted with easy to view and downloadable temperature history.

Let us help you keep your milk at top quality. Whether you have staff forgetting to turn on the vat refrigeration, unexpected power outages or mechanical failure, our Vat Manager Auto and Vat Manager Plus models can keep you in control.

Farmers with Vat Manager Plus can upgrade easily to the premium Vat Manager Auto.

While Vat Manager Auto is available to all farmers, suppliers to Fonterra will need permission from their local On Farm Asset Manager.

To find out more about Vat Manager Alerts talk to your Area Manager, call  0800 500 387 or contact us now

Vat Manager Auto Alerts

Slow cool, milk is too warm, vat nearly full and vat full alerts are exclusive to the Vat Manager Auto model.

  • Slow cool: Your rate of milk cooling is not sufficient to meet the targeted temperature/ time profile.
  • Milk is too warm: Milk inlet temperature is higher than usual.
  • Vat nearly full: Your vat is reaching capacity. Switch over to your second vat to avoid spillage.
  • Vat full: Vat is at capacity. Switch now to avoid overflow.

Vat Manager Auto and Vat Manager Plus Alerts

Vat too hot, milk too cold, wash temperature, hardware fault, too long to cool and mains lost are alert features for both Vat Manager Auto and Vat Manager Plus.

  • Vat too hot: Refrigeration cannot be turned on until vat has cooled. Alert will usual activate after a hot wash to avoid damage to equipment.
  • Milk too cold: Vat temperature has fallen below the minimum setting.
  • Wash temperature: Wash water has not reached the minimum temperature setting.
  • Hardware fault: Fault code provides diagnostic information to DTS technical services.
  • Too long to cool: Milk is not down to temperature within the set cooling time.
  • Mains lost: Mains power supply has failed. Temperatures will be monitored for 24 hours. Investigate and restore power to the refrigeration unit and agitator as soon as possible.

Simple changes in herd size, milk-water flow rate, or water source temperatures can work against a reliable low milk in-vat temperature. Secondary cooling, or pre-cooling, is an intermediate step before milk reaches the vat. It can help deliver low in-vat milk temperatures with confidence. And pre-cooling does not have to cost the earth.

Pre Cooling water