Service-Man is like an annual health check and tune up for your shed. So you can keep on top of things and avoid expensive break downs.

What you get with Service-Man:

  • A comprehensive annual 35-Point Service check of Registered Equipment performed by approved qualified service technicians including labour and mileage.
  • A detailed report on your registered equipment including recommended remedial actions and work carried out to ensure that your equipment is performing to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • A discounted rate for all non-scheduled “call-outs” that is exclusive to Service-Man customers.


  • A technician will come out to your farm annually for the term of the Service-Man contract and perform a comprehensive 35-point service check and on your approval, rectify and repair any performance issues to ensure that your refrigeration or precooling units/s are performing correctly.
  • The Service-Man plan costs $350 per annum for a single unit. Each additional unit included in the plan will cost an additional $150.
  • The price includes labour, mileage and consumables.
  • All parts and labour used to complete any required repairs are chargeable. An automatic authorisation option will be available confirming approval for any work less than $500 to be completed while the technician is onsite.
  • Annual subscription payment for Service Man will be by direct debit on the first payments anniversary date.
  • 12 Month Manufacturer's warranty applies to all parts.

To sign-up for Service-Man, contact your local DTS Area Sales Manager.

Read the Service-Man terms and conditions.