Warrant of Fitness Check

Your dairy automation system is like any other capital equipment in that provision should be made for regular service checks and maintenance. Whist DTS Dairy Automation hardware is designed for the dairy shed environment; it is complex technology operating continuously in a harsh environment. Over time normal wear and tear is to be expected.

A Pro-active approach to service checks and maintenance means potential issues are likely to be detected earlier and dealt with more efficiently. Your Herd-Man subscription includes an annual Warrant of Fitness (WOF) check. Our Automation Specialists will visit your farm and complete a range of tests to check your system.

Your WOF Check Includes:

1. A review and test of each in-shed module.

2. An Electronic Report confirming the following checks:

  • Internet connection
  • Platform Calibration
  • In-bail RFID Reads and Offsets
  • Magic Eye Tuning and Alignment
  • Drafting Gate Reads
  • Software Status
  • Database Records Status

Soon after the completion of your WOF, our Automation Specialist will provide you with a report and a costing of any repair work and equipment replacement required. Any equipment inside the warranty period will be replaced under warranty. With your approval work will be scheduled as soon as is convenient to complete the maintenance work.