Do you milk cows with a phone in your hand? We didn’t think so…

We designed the Vat-Man Shed Display so you can get your vat data live and at a glance, without the need to check your phone during milking.

  • The Vat-Man in-shed display is exclusive to DTS. It's just one of the perks of being a DTS customer.
  • Real time information: All key milk vat data and measurements are displayed in real-time.
  • Hands free: Alleviates the need for you or your staff to use a mobile phone in the milking shed to view vat data.
  • Easy to see: High visibility, even from a distance.
  • New staff? A great reminder to turn on the milk chiller and agitator – especially for new staff and relief milkers.
  • Immediate action: Milk cooling and quality issues can easily be identified immediately, even before a text alert is sent.
  • Multi-vat: A single display can be used for up to 3 vats, or each vat can have its own or multiple displays.
  • Position it anywhere: Can also be used as a display near the milk vat(s) for a tanker driver.


  • Milk Vat temperature LED segment display.
  • Milk Inlet temperature LED segment display.
  • Milk Vat Volume Level indicators (red level indicators from >80% vat level).
  • Refrigeration Indicator LED (green for <10°C, red for >10°C).
  • Agitator Indicator LED (green for On, red for Off).
  • All data is displayed in real-time and updates approximately every second.
  • Control switch to swap between vats if one display is used for up to 3 different vats with visual display.
  • Dimensions: 180 x 255 x 75mm. 

Shed display small


Monthly option billed through FarmSource account or DTS direct debit comprising of a one-off installation fee and monthly subscription fee. GST not included.

Payment Option 1 - Monthly Subscription

Vat-Man Display



Vat-Man Display Install



Payment Option 2 - Outright Purchase

Vat-Man Display


Vat-Man Display Install