Vat-Man Pro advanced alerts are designed to keep farmers informed. Set up alerts so you know when there is a problem, react quickly and minimise potential losses.

Vat-Man Pro/Auto advanced alerts will alert the farmer when:

  • Milk has been collected by the tanker driver.
  • Milk has not been collected at the usual collection time.
  • Vat wash has not happened at the usual collection time.
  • If the milking duration varies significantly from the normal milking duration for the season.
  • Abnormal milk volume, receive alerts when the volume in the milk vat is significantly higher or lower than normal.
  • If your milk is slow to cool, be alerted when the milk vat temperature is above your set threshold within the specified time period.


Pre cooling effectiveness:

  • Ambient air temperature 
  • Ice/water temperature (storage temperature)

Plate cooler effectiveness:

Monitoring water inlet and outlet temperatures as well as milk inlet temperature.


The agitator is a key part of milk health. Vat-Man Pro will monitor motor temperature and vibration and send the farmer an alert when these change above normal parameters. Fluctuations in either of these will mean the agitator is not performing to its optimum – and maybe about to fail.

Select a date range to review and download milk volume and temperature data. View the historical data for any date range you want to see.



Vat-Man Pro also offers:

  • Advanced Alerts
  • A multi-farm view in DTS LIVE
  • Unlimited Users per farm
  • 120 Text message alerts