Vat-Man Auto provides more peace of mind by reducing the impact of human error, offering all the features of the Vat-Man Pro plus the added functionality of automatic refrigeration and agitator control. 

This function will automatically turn on the vat refrigeration and agitator once the milk volume in the vat meets a pre-set threshold as specified by the user.  Using a temperature probe within the vat pocket, the automated refrigeration cycle “off/on” function activates and deactivates at a temperature set by you so that you have peace of mind that your milk won’t freeze.



  • View the milk vat temperature clearly as your drive or walk by the vat
  • Manually override the refrigeration and agitator in case of an emergency or not wanting to waste power on cooling calf milk. 
  • Clear and visible CIP button for the tanker driver to turn on the vat wash as required. 

We offer three tiers of monitoring: Vat-Man Lite, Vat-Man Pro and Vat-Man Auto:

Features Vat-Man Lite Vat-Man Pro Vat-Man Auto
Milk Volume      
Milk Temperature      
Plate cooler - inlet milk temperature      
Plate cooler - inlet water temperature      
Agitator status      
Agitator temperature      
Agitator health      
Power Outages      
Pre-Cooling Refrigeration      
Vat Refrigeration - Post Cooling      
Auto Refrigeration control      
Auto Agitation control      
E-mail alerts      
Text message alerts/month 60 120 120
Users per farm 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-farm view      
Fonterra Subsidy Fully subsidised Partial Partial