When space and power are limited a ProCool ice bank may be the solution for you.

The ProCool Ice solution works by building a mass of ice between milkings. Then, during milking, water is circulated through the ice reducing the water temperature to near zero degrees. The chilled water is passed through a double bank plate cooler to cool milk to approximately 4°C before it reaches the vat.

Warmed water generated from the milking process is returned to the ice bank and cooled again. ProCool Ice is delivered to farm as a complete all-in-one unit ready for plumbing into your plate cooler.


  • Ice is built up between milkings reducing your peak power load during milking
  • Because ice is built up overnight, you may be able to take advantage of off-peak power rates
  • Single and three phase power supply options available
  • Optional heat recovery
  • Several ice bank options are available to suit your needs
  • Compact system
  • DTS will supply, deliver, install and commission your system anywhere across New Zealand


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