At DTS we've been helping you keep your milk at the perfect temperature all year round, now we can do the same for your home.

We are proud to announce we are the exclusive distributor and installer of premium Kaden heat pumps in New Zealand.

With different sized heat pumps to suit your needs, talk to us today and find the ultimate solution for your home.

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Make your comfort a priority.

Auto mode The unit will automatically select heating or cooling mode.
Turbo mode Provides a boost in cooling or heating power for a period of time, this allows you to reach your desired temperature quickly.
Anti-cold air function Prevents cold air from blowing out to avoid discomfort when heating mode is started.
360° airflow panel 360° air outlet creates soft and gentle air flow which circulates throughout the whole space and provides an even temperature distribution in the room.
Memory louvre The louvres can be stopped and positioned at any angle. The louvres will return to the same position the next time the units starts.
Two-directional airflow Louver angle can be set to a specified position vertically and horizontally, targeting air exactly where you want it. Precise airflow control makes your room more comfortable.
On /Off timer function The unit can be set to start and /or stop at a specified time.
Follow me sensor A unique temperature sensor in the controller allows the unit to adjust the room temperature to the perfect level exactly where you want it to be.


Superior comfort without noise.

Silent Mode The indoor fan can run at a super quiet breeze speed keeping the indoor noise level extremely low during silent mode operation.
Mute operation Allows you to turn off any sounds and the LED display giving you a quiet and comfortable environment to sleep in.


Easy to install, operate and maintain. 

Auto defrosting The indoor fan can run at a super quiet breeze speed keeping the indoor noise level extremely low during silent mode operation.
Low Ambient Cooling The air conditioner can run in cooling or heating modes even when the outdoor ambient temperature is -15°C.
Auto restart function If a blackout occurs an auto restart function will record its last programmed setting. Once power is restored the unit will automatically return to your programmed setting.


Reduce energy consumption and maximise comfort.

ECO mode When activated the unit will begin an 8 hour energy saving mode which reduces energy consumption by up to 60% when compared to normal operation.
Sleep mode Gradually decreases or increases the temperature during the first two hours. It will then keep the temperature steady for five hours before switching off. This reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the temperature at a comfortable level giving you the perfect nights sleep.


Kaden heat pumps come with;

  • 5 year quality guarantee for human comfort, parts and labour or;
  • 1 year quality guarantee for non-human comfort, parts and labour.

View the Kaden Warranty

Finance options

Payment available through your Farmlands Card.


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