You will enjoy all the same in shed functionality of your current drafting system plus:

  • Draft cows with both HDX and FDX ear tags.  
  • Draft cows with missing or defective EID tags.
  • Access to the Herd-Man app for your Apple or Android device and you can setup drafts from anywhere without having to drive back to the range of the Shed WiFi.
  • Use the Herd-Man app as a remote control for the gate if you are within range of the Shed WiFi.

Frequently asked questions

Are all gates retrofittable?

Yes most gates are retrofittable.

There might be the odd gate we can't retrofit, but we’ll try our best.

Ask for a farm visit from one of our Area 
Sales Managers and we’ll see what we can do.


How much will it cost to retrofit my drafting gate?

The cost to retrofit a drafting gate is generally around $14,500 +gst.

This includes all the hardware, parts and labour to convert your existing gate into a Herd-Man Drafter, but excludes mileage and any additional electrical work if required.


How much will it change my yard?

Not all all. The layout of your yard will not change.

Exit and electrical should already be located at the gate.  

We will be using your existing draft gate frame and will not need to remove this to complete the installation.

If you have cow flow issues with your current set up, then this is the perfect time to review the gate location.


Is it true that gate action will change slightly?

Yes. We’ve had some great feedback that the new gate action is very kind on the cows.

Your cows will love you for it.


Can I use my drafting gate with my existing herd recording / herd management software?

Yes. You’ll be able to use it with HerdMan, myHerd, Cow Manager, Allflex SCR, Connecterra and MINDA LIVE.


Is there a warranty for the retrofit?

All parts provided by DTS as part the retrofit will have a 12 month warranty. 

Any existing steel work will not be covered by this.


Phone 0800 500 387 or click here to find your local On-Farm Support Representative.