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Real-Time Herd Management and Performance Software. 

With our herd management and automation system Herd-Man, part of our data services suite DTS-Live (formerly known as MiHub) you can collect, view and analyse and share valuable information for your farming operation.

Manage your dairy herd, or individual animal performance, clear data and insights will help you make better informed decisions. 

Information is synchronised with the National Dairy Database and we’ve tech support based out of Hamilton on hand when you need them.

Subscription is included with the purchase of equipment such as Autodrafter, Walk Over Weighing, Feed Control etc. Knowledge is profit, know your heard like never before.


  • In-shed and online seamlessly integrates with in-shed automation hardware or can be used standalone to:

- Track body condition scores to calculate dry off dates

- Set withholding alerts to manage penicillin cows

- Split cows into feed mobs

  • Generates easy-to understand graphs and custom reports at no extra cost including reports which:

- Identify high risk mastitis cows

- Identify low producers

- Notify you of faults or issues with the milking plant

  • Works with other systems import and export data from other sources
  • Experienced technical support staff are available by phone or email to help when you need it
  • Subscription is included with the purchase of Autodrafter, Walk Over Weighing, Feed Control, In-bail Identification and In-line sensor modules as well as Full Herringbone and Rotary systems


Phone  0800 500 387  or click  here  to find your local On-Farm Support Representative.