Vat-Man: Milk Vat Monitoring Made Easy

Vat-Man is the FREE Milk Monitoring Solution for Fonterra Farmers that can also upgrade to include as much as or little as you need to help with compliance on your farm:

  • More text alerts and unlimited email alerts.
  • More users = less risk.
  • More control. Define and customise more settings.
  • More support. Vat-Man is the only free Fonterra approved MVMS backed up by a nationwide team of milk cooling and milk quality experts. 

Try Vat-Man at no risk before you decide.

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Key Vat-Man Features

DTS Vat-Man gives you real-information about your milk vat, so you know what is happening in the vat, no matter where you are.

User Interfaces

  • Choose your setup for the milking pit, the office or off the farm.
  • Online customisable dashboard to see your key data in real-time 
  • Check on the performance of a particular piece of equipment on the vat or within the milk cooling system


Set up alerts so you know when there is a problem, react quickly and minimise potential losses. You can also check on the vat system while milking with an in-shed display, highlighting milk volume and temperatures as well as the vat agitator status.


Vat-Man’s dedicated, secure cloud-based platform uses the Internet of Things to share key data with you, your on-farm staff or external consultants. By monitoring these assets, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Milk temperature measurement to ensure regulations are met.
  • Real-time milk volume measurement.
  • Proactive alerts on key equipment that mitigates the risk of catastrophic failures.

Vat-Man features overview

We offer three tiers of monitoring: Vat-Man Lite, Vat-Man Pro and Vat-Man Auto:

Features Vat-Man Lite Vat-Man Pro Vat-Man Auto
Milk Volume      
Milk Temperature      
Plate cooler - inlet milk temperature      
Plate cooler - inlet water temperature      
Agitator status      
Agitator temperature      
Agitator health      
Power Outages      
Pre-Cooling Refrigeration      
Vat Refrigeration - Post Cooling      
Auto Refrigeration control      
Auto Agitation control      
E-mail alerts      
Text message alerts/month 60 120 120
Users per farm 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-farm view      
Fonterra Subsidy Fully subsidised Partial Partial
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Last year, Vat-Man saved Waikato farmer Mark Spooner $30k. This happened within the few months of his signing up for the service.

"As the farm owner, Vat-Man gives me peace of mind..." 

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