Milk Vats and Tanks. Protect Your Production.

When it comes to protecting your production, invest wisely with a DTS Milk Vat. We have new and quality second-hand direct-expansion stainless steel milk vats in a wide range of sizes.

As New Zealand’s largest producer of Milk Vats or Farm Holding Tanks (FHTs) we have been fabricating tanks for the New Zealand Dairy Industry since 1950. Our design and manufacturing plant is based in Normanby, Taranaki producing milk vats from modest 2,300 litre tanks through to a mighty 29,000 litre tank and all of them are made to the highest quality control standards.


  • Milk colostrum and water tanks in a wide range of sizes
  • Made from quality T304 stainless steel with laser welded base
  • Side-wall refrigeration on large tanks for efficient cooling
  • Custom-tank design and spare parts
  • Second hand tanks available

Our main customer is Fonterra but we also produce for Open Country Dairy, Synlait, Westlands and other independent milk suppliers including goat and sheep milk production.

All our Farm Holding Tanks are made from very high grade imported 304 2B stainless steel. Manufactured to exacting standards, our bases are supplied with a 60-month warranty and all other components with a 12-month warranty.

Using specialist laser welder equipment as well as bespoke design manufacturing machines, our lean manufacturing process starts with our laser welder creating the base pad channels for the refrigeration of the cooling pads. These pads are attached to base frames ready for use in the creation of tanks – we make 3 general diameter sizes: 1881mm, 2337mm, and 2875mm.

These bases are the start of our production line – we build up the FHT volume sizing based on the width of the coil used and the number of tiers each FHT has. Our largest tanks have refrigeration pads added to the sidewall to increase the cooling capacity required for the higher volumes of milk.

Custom Design

DTS are also able to offer Glycol FHT’s and fully insulated versions of our range.

We are also able to computer design and programme laser-welded pad to suit customer requirements – from small concrete expander pads to 14m long wine tank cooling pads.

Spare Parts

DTS carry a range of spare parts for FHT’s – please contact [email protected] with your enquiry.

Second-hand Tanks

DTS have a range of second hand FHT’s suitable for Colostrum or water chilling – please contact [email protected] with your enquiry.

Quality Control

DTS tanks are made to the highest quality control standards in New Zealand as we have tight control of our entire production process starting with our own base pads as we have the only laser welder in New Zealand capable of manufacturing pillow plates.

As an ISO9001 registered company, all our production staff are qualified to the welding standard AS/NZ 2980. On top of these high standards, we undertake independent quarterly quality audits carried out by Asure Quality.

These factors set us apart from the competition as this reduces the turnaround time from order placement to delivery, plus we can custom design cooling pads to suit client requirements with our in house design and programming.

Delivery & Installation

Our tanks are delivered to site by Normans transport who have extensive experience in FHT delivery. We also have the DTS On Farm Services team that can install the FHT and chiller units so we provide a one stop service for assisting the farmer in the best set up to meet not only the farm needs but to satisfy NZCP1 standards.


Phone  0800 500 387  or click here to find your local On-Farm Support Representative.