Whether you’re dealing with MPI regulations, increasing volumes, power constraints or water restrictions, our experienced team of cooling experts will only recommend products and services that you actually need. 

When space and power are limited an ice bank may be the solution for you.

  • Ice is built up between milkings, reducing your peak power load during milking
  • Build up ice overnight to take advantage of off-peak power rates
  • Single and three phase power supply options available
  • Optional heat recovery
  • Several ice bank options are available to suit your needs
  • Compact system
  • DTS will supply, deliver, install and commission your system anywhere across New Zealand

Save time and hassle with a complete all-in-one pre-cooling water chiller solution.

  • Different sizes to suit your requirements
  • All-in-one system includes refrigeration unit, tank and plate heat exchanger configured to meet your farm’s needs
  • Pre-fitted with pipe connectors for quick and easy installation
  • Optional heat recovery
  • Includes a post installation check and report on the systems performance
clear cut water chiller small

Rapidly reduce your milk temperature using a glycol milk precooling solution.

  • Suitable for areas with extreme ambient temperatures and can be designed to chill milk to 4˚C regardless of primary water supply
  • Uses a small volume of fluid; ideal for areas with severe water restrictions or high water temperatures
  • Two sizes of refrigeration unit available
  • Compact system
  • DTS will supply, deliver, install and commission your system anywhere across New Zealand
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Durable high-quality vat insulation will save power by reducing the effects of outside temperatures and will help milk chill faster.

  • Saves power up to 25% of chiller unit running costs
  • Slows bacterial growth by reducing temperature fluctuations
  • Made from reinforced PVC for long life durability
  • Prevents heat loss during the CIP wash, maximising the cleaning of the vat
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High-quality dairy refrigeration units for vats and pre‑cooling systems.

  • Fully-wired with isolation switches, contactors and overloads
  • Protective coating to safeguard against corrosion
  • Range of sizes from four to 18hp (9.5–40 kW)
  • HeatPro hot water recovery can be fitted to all units to recover heat from milk cooling during milking and redirect to preheat shed hot water
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