Which ProCool Pre-Cooling system is right for your farm?

DTS provides end-to-end pre-cooling solutions with its New Zealand designed ProCool range, excellent service, expert advice, quality components, installation and ongoing support.


The ProCool range includes Glycol and Water Chillers and Ice Banks. These solid, compact, units are designed for New Zealand conditions and can be configured to meet your specific on-farm needs. Mix and match components and sizes provide flexibility to work with your existing cooling equipment so you only invest where you need to.

And with the right pre-cooling system for your farm, you can cool your milk and reap added benefits of lower ongoing operating costs and reduced energy costs by reducing peak power loads in the shed.

ProCool Glycol and ProCool Water chillers have a powder-coated finish, include V-Block condensers (with proven reliability for industrial units) and shell-and-tube heat exchangers (for their tolerance to pressure and temperature variance). Chiller units are pre-charged with refrigerant and can be plumbed to your existing tank and plate cooler, or DTS can provide the lot.

The Glycol system uses a food grade glycol and water mix for on-demand chilling during milking. With a correctly-sized refrigeration unit, this can chill milk to 4°C before entering the vat.

ProCool Ice Banks are supplied as a complete unit with an insulated tank, integrated refrigeration unit, and pumping and control system. They arrive ready for connection to a plate cooler and their stainless steel construction will look good for years.


Farm owner, Louise Baxter is a new DTS customer. Her 195Ha (effective) cropping farm in Dorie, Mid Canterbury, was converted to dairy in 2012 and is now milking 780 Friesian Cross through its 54 bail rotary.

The area is known for its excellent cold ground water. Primary cooling from the cool bore water does a great job. However with the region’s soaring summer temperatures Louise notes a few instances of milk being slow to cool over midsummer last year. Pulling down milk temperature with the high volumes at peak milk also held some challenges.

“Milk was slow to cool, no grades though. I was aware of the new regulations coming in. If we were on the edge, we would need something to be done to meet the new requirements.”

During the 2017 season, a technician from DTS data-logged the shed’s milk cooling system. The data- logging process provides a very good indication of a refrigeration systems’ future performance and their likely ability to cope under peak pressures.

Of note were the two farm holding tankers: a 21,000L vat and 16,000L vat.

At peak milk, the 21,000L vat was at full capacity. As is common with the smaller vats, the 16,000L had its base pad for cooling but no side wall refrigeration. At peak ambient (outside) temperature, this smaller vat was struggling to pull milk temperatures down and would be unable to deliver the level of cooling required under the new regulations.

Louise consulted people who knew the area and farming business – her neighbours.

“I talked with my neighbours. I asked about reputable refrigeration companies in the area and they recommended DTS as a company with reasonable pricing to get the work done. At this point I approached DTS and got a competitive quote. DTS came in cheaper and with the preferred cooling option.” 

Price wasn’t the only factor in Louise’s choice to work with DTS. She says it was a case of service and trust.

“Trevor Green, the local DTS Area Manager met with me and looked at the most cost-effective option for me and for the farm.” Trevor talked through the precooling options available from DTS. The mix and match components make it easy to use existing gear on the farm to keep costs down. “I liked the TT10 Water Chiller option he gave me. Some site work had to be done and Trevor looked after it all. He also worked alongside local contractors who I knew and respected. He was very good.”

From start to finish, the sales and installation process was smooth and without any fuss.

Call DTS on  0800 500 387 or contact us now to discuss pre-cooling solutions for your farm. We’re here for New Zealand Farmers.