With the recent roll out of the Fonterra Milk Vat Monitoring System, Dairy Technology Services (DTS), an approved MVMS provider, are the first to create their own Shed Display

The Shed Display is exclusive to the DTS Vat-Man Milk Vat Monitoring System (MVMS). The Vat-Man Shed Display is a unit which has an LED screen and can be placed anywhere in the milking shed. The information the Monitoring System tells farmers via the online platform is displayed on the In-Shed Display.

Staff in the milk shed can easily see the milk vat temperature, milk inlet temperature, milk vat volume, refrigerator and agitator indicators. All information is real time and updated every second, a single display can be used for up to 3 vats, or each vat can have its own or multiple displays.

Waikato farmers, the Troughtons, have recently had two installed on farm and have said they’re  “just what we needed”.

They had something similar prior, which was not an off shelf product.

“The principle was good but the information was inaccurate”, said Ben.

Once they had the Shed Display installed, they were happy to see how easily accessible the information was.

One of the main reasons they wanted a display unit was for their staff to easily see everything was working as it should, at a glance. The LED display is very bright and readable from 30+ metres away.

They have already had an instance where a staff member picked up that the milk temperature was higher than normal and notified Ben and Sarah (managers).

They came down and then called a technician to come and check on it - they were able to find the valve that had come loose and able to save the milk in the vat. Ben’s father Terry (owner) was impressed and stated “it only takes once for it to pay for itself”.

Aside from the product itself, the Troughtons have found the service from DTS good. Ben stated, “they are there when you need them, friendly and helpful.”

The Vat-Man Display can be easily seen from the milking pit

The Vat-Man Display can be easily seen from the milking pit.

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