As New Zealand’s leading nation-wide provider of quality milk vats and refrigeration systems, our milk and vat monitoring solution, DTS Vat-Man, is being included in the Fonterra Milk Vat Monitoring Solution (MVMS) rollout nationwide starting with the Southland rollout in January 2020. Read more about milk vat monitoring by clicking this link or download the Vat-Man brochure.


The MVMS project is supporting farmers produce high quality milk by installing milk vat monitoring technology for milk volume and temperature. DTS Vat-Man ensures compliance of milk temperature as well as vat volume and agitator operation. Vat-Man also provides a comprehensive range of alerts to avoid catastrophic equipment failure that could lead to a vat of milk being dumped.


Affordable, easy to install and simple to operate, Vat-Man can be incorporated into any current vat and cooling system and is also flexible to your needs and budget with three vat management solutions – Vat-Man Lite, Vat-Man Pro, and Vat-Man Auto.


Vat-Man’s dedicated, secure cloud-based platform uses the Internet of Things to share key data with you, on-farm staff or external consultants. By monitoring these assets, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Milk temperature measurement to ensure regulations are met
  • Vat milk volume measurement
  • Proactive alerts on key equipment that mitigates the risk of catastrophic failures

vat man drawing


To find out more about Vat-Man, call our Call Centre on 0800 500 387 or check out our website for information on these products and their benefits.