COVID-19 Update - We are at your service

As a nationwide service provider to an essential industry, DTS remains open and ready to help with service calls during these unprecedented times.

Most of our teams are working remotely from their home offices, including our 24/7 Call Centre, while we continue to provide essential services to our customers. 

Our field and on-site teams are working under enhanced health and safety protocols to protect them and our customers from COVID-19 while they go about their business.  We will continue to service your refrigeration and milk vat requirements, but only if it safe to do so. 

Including Vat-Man, our milk vat monitoring solution, and Herd-Man, our dairy herd monitoring solution, we are here to help you keep your farm running and providing an essential food source to New Zealand and the world. Don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 500 387.